The Halal Food Foundation (HFF) are issuing this press release to clear up some misconceptions that the community seem to hold about our commercial wing – the Halal Food Authority.

We returned from the 2014 Living Islam Festival in Lincolnshire; as our first event, the reception and majority of feedback was incredibly positive and we felt very welcome but we were unhappy to find out that numerous people in the community are facing damning propaganda and receiving rumours that HFA procedures are inappropriate or controversial, urging people to effectively refrain from consuming HFA certified products.

The HFA:

 DO accept stunning, but we DO NOT accept stunning to kill. We stun to render animals and birds insensitive to pain. Blood is fully drained out following recitation of tasmiya / prayers and a single cut to the front of the neck. ALL ANIMALS ARE ALIVE AT THE TIME OF SLAUGHTER.
 DO NOT accept pre-recorded recitation of Tasmiya / prayers and keep them on loop. Each animal has the Tasmiya said upon it before slaughter.
 DO NOT accept the gas stunning of poultry or any other animal. WATER BATH STUN ONLY – this is a fully reversible stunning method for poultry.
 DO NOT accept mechanical slaughter (slaughter by fixed mechanical blade) and only accept manual slaughter by Muslim slaughterman.


We take our halal procedures incredibly seriously and would like to make it clear to the community that the rumours that circulating around various areas in the country criminalising the HFA are NOT true.

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