Halal Meat Labeling & Fake News!

There is so much misinformation, or as US president Donald J. Trump likes to say ”Fake News”,  out in the public about Halal slaughtering which allows people who already have a negative biased view to confirms their beliefs.

According to Farming minister George Eustice, the government will consider introducing labeling post brexit when shoppers are looking for meat in order to make an ”informed choice”.


He told UK newspaper, the Daily Telegraph: ”The Government believes that consumers should have the necessary information available to them.

‘This is something we can consider in the context of leaving the EU.’

Of course popular UK newspaper, the DailyMail, chose to position this story in order to appease it’s core follower base of right wing and English. According to their article, they claim that ”conventional slaughterhouses, animals are given an electric to ensure they are unconscious before their throats are cut, minimizing suffering.”

It is clear that they have missed the fact that there are many slaughterhouses, Halal slaughterhouses, that strictly stun-to-stun the animal in order to make sure it’s unconscious prior to the slaughter.

It seems that they’re fixated on the traditional slaughtering method, where the animal has it’s throat cut whilst it’s conscious. We’re not going to go into the whole process of what the animal goes through before as Halal meat isn’t just about the slaughter(go to ‘Halal meat > Your meat’ of ours which highlights how Halal meat is more ethical and healthier to consume).

But with fake news like this claiming all slaughterhouses are not stunning is an attempt to damage the Halal movement and is an attack on Muslims(and Jews who have a similar method when slaughtering Kosher meat) by limiting their choices of food.

With reactions to this news bringing comments such as:

As you can see this person under the name ”Hope to leave UK” claims that ”animals cry, gurgle and thrash as their heads are sawn off”. This person clearly hasn’t been to slaughterhouse who strictly follow the requirement to be Halal to the Tee(this excludes all slaughterhouses who claim to be halal but are in fact rogue slaughterhouses, which HFA condemn).


”Shortie” above believes that supermarkets support Halal and Jewish slaughter because ”it’s easier for supermarket to get all their meat from one place”. This is truly laughable as there is a wide range of Halal and Kosher slaughterhouses around the UK, alongside with imports from across the Globe, to make sure that there is no monopoly of the market and an increase in competition which leads to a higher standard of service and quality across all departments.

With fake information on Halal spewed out across all forms of media, it is quite apparent there is a biased campaign to remove anything Halal in order to hurt Muslims and their life in the UK. An example clearly being that one of these anti-Halal supporters, who want a ”humane slaughter”, would gladly eat some chicken breast which was pre-stunned to slaughter but as soon as they see it’s Halal, which we at HFA certify pre-stun meat alongside 95% of scholars accepting pre-stun to stun slaughter, they’ll claim it’s inhumane.

We at HFA promote Halal labeling and encourage companies to show whether their products are Halal or not across different industries, including Food products, Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals.

Again we reiterate for you to look at our recent article highlighting the reason why Halal meat is more ethical and healthier for consumption.

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