Is Your Outlet Really Halal?

Now I know what you’re thinking:

‘How can HFA of all people say my favorite outlet isn’t Halal?’

‘It says Halal on the shop window so that must mean it’s Halal?’

Now let’s address the elephant in the room, are HFA certified outlets actually Halal?

As other certification bodies in the ‘Halal’ industry continue to paint HFA as a company who promote Haram slaughter, we have addressed many times this myth that REVERSIBLE stunning is haram. The animal literally feels no pain when it is stunned, after a minute it is walking like nothing has happened. Look at this extract from this Stun-to-Stun Fatwa:

The scholars of Islam are unanimously agreed that such meat is forbidden. But if it is still alive after being stunned in the manner described and is slaughtered properly, then it is permissible to eat it, because Allah says at the end of the verse, with regard to animals that are strangled, dealt a violent blow, suffer a headlong fall, are gored by horns or partly devoured by wild beasts (interpretation of the meaning): 

“unless you are able to slaughter it (before its death)”

[al-Maa’idah 5:3]. 

So Allah excludes from these forbidden types of meat those that are reached when still alive and slaughtered in the proper manner. They may be eaten because of the effect of proper slaughter, unlike those that die by being stunned before being slaughtered, in which case slaughtering does not render them permissible. Thus it is known that the Qur’aan does forbid animals that have been stunned if they die as a result of that stunning before being slaughtered properly, because the animal that is stunned has suffered a violent blow, and Allaah has stated in this verse that such an animal is haraam unless it is reached while it is still alive and slaughtered in the proper manner.

As you can see in the underlined sections, it shows clearly that if the animal is alive after the stunning, the animal is still Halal. The irony is that the organisations that are at the forefront of painting HFA’s process as haram and thus slandering HFA meat to the general Muslim public are using this same Fatwa but cutting out the sections which show the validity of REVERSIBLE STUN-TO-STUN slaughter.

So as you’ve read this, I hope you do more research into the subject. There are multiple certification bodies trying to discredit the HFA process as we’re the largest food certification body in the UK and they wish for us to fall instead for financial reasons instead of their proclaimed ethical reasons.

The same organisations and people who discredit the HFA wouldn’t mind eating at their favorite outlets who serve meat from animals who were treated badly throughout their lives. The same people who discredit the HFA wouldn’t mind eating at their local restaurant with an outdated certification on their window, with pork and alcohol being served in the same outlet but would be up in arms on twitter tweeting that stunning is haram with no evidence.

I think we should really begin asking questions to remove ignorance into a subject without following blindly as the prophet Muhammad pbuh said ”The cure for ignorance is to question”. Unfortunately in the 21st century we believe what we see at face value without evidence.

Let’s make 2018 the year we dig deep into topics and question outlets for their certification. For more of an insight on HFA practices or what we allow abattoirs and slaughterhouses to do, visit our blog or just click this link > Halal meat > Your meat

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