HFA? Don't need them sorry.

”Why do we need halal certification bodies to tell me what’s Halal or not?”

”If it says it’s suitable for Vegans that means it’s Halal?”

We constantly get asked these type of questions almost everyday and it’s because of incidents like this. Companies claiming that their food is suitable for Halal on the packaging (knowing that the word will attract muslim consumers into purchasing the product) but in reality the actual ingredients say otherwise.

In the case below you can see that they’ve labelled the product as Halal although the product actually has pig blood, pig Skin and pork stock all listed within the ingredient list. Ask yourself this, as a muslim consumer, how many times have you actually gone and checked the list of ingredients of a product where the labelling says it’s Halal? Yeah I didn’t so.

Now just for a second, I want you to imagine the companies who are claiming Halal certification and are lying about the suitability of these products through hiding the actual real list of ingredients/process of manufacturing. All for a profit, no morales.

As the food industry is constantly plagued with companies being less and less transparent, it’s a requirement for Halal certification bodies to call out any company that may go against Islamic standards and betray the trust of the Muslim community.

We should never trust self certification and always do our due diligence by only sourcing our food through Halal certified bodies where and when needed(we’re not telling you to look for HFA approved bananas.

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