HFA Healthy Mind and Body: Vitamin D

This January we’re focusing on our physical health, mainly topping up our vitamin deficiency through supplementation.

Today we’re looking at Vitamin D deficiency within the UK. But first of all we need to ask ourselves, what is Vitamin D?

Vitamin D is a vitamin which helps regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate in our bodies.


Without these vital vitamins, we will suffer with:

  • Bone deformities, such as rickets in children.

  • Muscle weakness

  • Softening of bones and other skeletal deformities

Through the winter period, it’s difficult for people in the UK, or countries with similar weather , to get enough vitamin D through sunlight stimulation. This is why it’s advised by the NHS and other medical experts that due to the difficulty of getting all the required the Vitamin D through food, that a daily supplementation containing 10mcg of Vitamin D.

The number one group of people who are at risk of vitamin D deficiency are:

  • Aren’t often outdoors – i.e elderly people, young children

  • People who wear clothes that cover up most of your skin i.e. modest wear


Melanin also contributes to difficulties attaining it thus leading to vitamin D deficiency, with people with darker skin tones coming from African, Afro-Caribbean and south Asian backgrounds having difficulties getting it from the sunlight. They are recommended by experts to gain supplementation of 10mcg throughout the year.

Benefits of Vitamin D include:

  1. Increases absorption of calcium and phosphorous in our bodies.

  2. Fights diseases. For example multiple sclerosis is a common illness which has been proven to be help treated by the inclusion of Vitamin D.

  3. Teeth are stronger and shinier.

  4. Muscle health and tissues strengthen.


With the rise of millennials and just our ordinary Muslim demographic integrating into the UK community, the demand of Vitamin D is ever on the increase and thus is opening up a market of Halal pharmaceuticals.


Here at HFA we’re able to certify products met by our STRICT inspection to ensure any imported products are suitable for a halal diet.

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