The Doner is saved!


The proposal by members within the European parliament to ban an additive within kebabs, which is essential for the kebab, was narrowly defeated last month.

With no proof of negative health effects, as claimed by the opposition, which included The Socialists and Greens. “This is a sad day for consumer rights, which have been trampled on,” said the Greens’ EU legislator Bart Staes.

Although this legislation proposal was presented as the battle to save the kebab, banning the phosphates would of simply forced the industry to find another alternative additive to the ebab so really and truly we will always have our beloved Kebab. Needing to produce a majority of 376, the opposition were only 3 votes shy, attaining 373 to 272 with a remarkable 30 abstentions from the vote.

The EFSA, European Food Safety Agency, will be investigating the use of phosphates in 2018, which will almost certainly reignite the spark for the debate.

We think a celebratory Donor Kebab is in order!

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