What this Halal investment drive done for this company in Asia!

As salam wa alaikum!

With the increasing number of visitors to Japan from Muslim countries, firms in Japan have begun catering demand for a Halal alternative for consumers who wish to stick to their faith’s food regulations.

One particular large and successful company which is Japan’s Mitsui Sugar Co, who is an ever rising company growing quite rapidly – with a net profit margin of nearly 10% in Q3 2017 alone. They’ve set aside a total of $7.6 million in changing 10 refining units in Japan with machinery becoming operational in mid-2018.

This is due to the fact that the process of refining sugar usually utilities bone char from animals which is produced by burning said bones, which allows the removal of pigments, ash and other impurities in the sugar, which is Halal compliant.

Thus the company has identified the potential for the Halal market and will no longer use bone char from it’s sugar production process with it’s new method including filtration with activated charcoal as the alternative.

On the other hand, Mitsui will roughly save $900,000 a year in costs due to the reduced amount of water and electricity the new process will harness. This is a double win as not only are they cutting down costs of the production but also they’re now pushing their brand into a Halal market.

This case study shows how a company, in a country, economy and industry where statistics shows sugar consumption is falling due to a health conscious drive is willing to invest in their production to help cater to an ever blooming and growing Halal market.

Mitsui is bound to be a leading market share holder with this USP as this change also raises awareness within the Muslim market in Japan who will now be aware of the common method of refining sugar.

If your company isn’t Halal certified then you can’t guarantee its Halal suitable EVEN if it is Vegan, as there is much more to Halal than simply ingredients such as production process.

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