HFA Impartiality Committee

We have established an independent Impartiality Committee to provide continued confidence in the HFA by the community, stakeholders and wider halal industry. This Committee will ensure and confirm that all HFA’s decisions are based on independent confirmation of conformity and are not swayed by any other interests / outside factors.Details of all of HFA’s financial and corporate dealings with clients will be available to the Impartiality Committee to inspect, and regular meetings will take place to ensure continued compliance and impartiality.

Our Impartiality Committee will also put measures in place to ensure that:

  • HFA auditors always reveal and disclose any potential compromises of impartiality and probable conflicts of interests in regards to any of our clients / business that we deal with.

  • HFA trustees and staff members have no personal connections with and to the companies that we certify, neither do they have any commercial or financial interests in our certificated entities.

As an organisation, the HFA are committed to providing complete transparency and to outwardly promoting our honest operations; the Impartiality Committee will serve as a guardian of its core principles.

The committee is comprised of academics, professionals and entrepreneurs having strong educational and technical backgrounds, and proven record of relevant experience to fulfil the objectives of the Committee. The members of the Committee represent the interests of consumers, trade and industry and HFA clientele, and possess the required analytical and investigative skills to review and verify the information provided to them in order to meet the expectations of the respective segments of the halal fraternity and stakeholders.

The Committee comprises of the following members:

 Dr Awal Fuseini
 Dr Abul Kalam Azad

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