Quality Policy

HFA ensures consistency, accuracy and high level of customer service without a compromise on due diligence and quality parameters. Due to constant developments in the food industry, complex supply chain, dynamic global halal regulations and evolving consumers’ expectations, HFA is committed to achieving enhanced competence of its personnel involved in halal auditing, evaluation, communication and effective decision making.

HFA management aims to provide the required resources and skills to satisfy the expectations of its stakeholders including but not limited to, entities that recognise the certification and activities of the HFA, accreditation bodies and regulatory authorities. Notwithstanding the size of HFA operations, its locations, global presence, recognitions and accreditations, the Quality Management System of the HFA remains enforced and implemented and is constantly monitored by the HFA’s senior management.

Investing in its people and their qualifications and development is an additional pledge from our Board and HFA’s recruitment process performs the required checks to maintain the integrity and the quality of the workforce.

HFA believes in leading a positive and constructive change, and it is always open to innovation that could add to its quality standards, personnel development and customer service. HFA intends to become a worldwide market leader in providing most trusted, robust and highly compliant halal certification across the world, whilst developing and producing best halal auditors and halal technologists/scientists, and also educating the generation on not only halal consumption, but on halal as a lifestyle!

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